Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sante Kimes and her sons


  1. This woman was pure evil, her son tried to escape some years ago during an interview, taking the reporter hostage using a pen as a weapon.

  2. These people are innocent!

  3. I read "Son of a Grifter" by Sante's first son Kent. It was an incredible story, unbelievable and shocking. She was truly evil ... not much is known about her childhood or early life but that would be one interesting movie or book.

    1. I actually met her once. to say the least it was a very unwelcoming encounter. my friends and I were consuming large quantities of alcohol for kids of our ages (high school) with Kenny kimes at their Vegas house by the golf course. good times till his mom got home. she never stopped yelling till everlast one of us were out of there. its no wonder why Kenny drank like a fish. Kenny always had that crazy look in his eye though. I can still remember his high strung and deviant nature, but never could I imagine that he would be such a mommas boy. just so happened that his mom was derranged. just a little story that wasn't in your book. I'm sure.

  4. Back in 91 I found myself at kenny's house with a few other friends drinking like kids did when the parents weren't around. that is when I met his mom. she was loud and crazy back then. its no wonder Kenny drank like a fish.

  5. To think that I did beer bongs with kenny. wow. I just read into the case and man. I bet if he could turn back the clock. mothers can have a sickly stronghold on a loving son, but some never break away from the nest I guess.

  6. Does anyone knows anything about her childhood?
    It is such a sad life and she had all the ingredients
    to become a loving wife and caring mother. Yet she chose to be a ball breaker and a horrible mother socializing her own kid in criminal life. She came across as a narcissist, dominating and self centered.